Daily Afternoon Class for Vegans, Vegetarians, or Meats (12:30 pm to 6:00 pm)

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  • 5.5-hour Experience from farm tour and hands-on cooking
  • Fully hands-on cooking experience
  • Farm tour to see the live sample of spices use and tropical vegetation for cooking and medecine

After the pick up from Ubud we will take you directly to our Balinese Farm Cooking School location in Taro. Upon arrival we will have some coffee or tea as a refreshment drink before we start the tour around our organic garden, at the same time we will also harvesting some of ingredients and vegetables to use on the cooking later.

As part of our Farm cooking school, we proudly cultivate our own exotic organic vegetation. Upon arrival, you will be given a tour around our organic farm and learn how a Balinese family expertly uses the natural resources surrounding them to create a self-sustaining farm.

The fresh ingredients you pick from this very field will be used to prepare your favourite dishes in your Balinese cooking School later on.

Our kitchens are spacious and well equipped. You will learn about the herbs and spices used, interesting myths behind them and of course how to cook them.

Sign up for our hands-on cooking class and get a new skill and knowledge to create memorable dishes for your friends and family once you get back home!

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Bali Farm Cooking School
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