Traditional Bali Coconut Oil Making Class in Ubud (Morning Schedule)

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  • Master the Art of Coconut Oil Crafting
  • Unveil the Essence of Coconut
  • You’ll take home the coconut oil you’ve crafted

Experience the heart of Bali with our "Traditional Bali Coconut Oil Making Class in Ubud." This immersive journey goes beyond culinary exploration; it's a connection to Balinese traditions and the land.

Your adventure starts as you enter the serene Balinese countryside, greeted with a traditional beverage by our local guide. Meet Chef Wayan, who will introduce you to coconut oil's significance in Bali and guide you through crafting it from coconuts.

You'll learn hands-on techniques, preparing authentic Balinese dishes under Chef Wayan's watchful eye, and enjoy a delicious lunch in the tranquil Taman Dukuh Agroforestry area.

Take home the coconut oil you've crafted as a cherished souvenir infused with Bali's traditions and flavors. Our class suits all skill levels, making it perfect for solo travelers, families, and groups.

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with Balinese culture, learn culinary skills, and create lasting memories. Book your Traditional Bali Coconut Oil Making Class in Ubud today for a day of fun, learning, and delicious food. We offer pick-up services from Ubud's north. Join us and start your Balinese adventure!

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