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  • Nature Lovers canyon trip
  • Amazing scenery
  • Spirit of Bali

Aling Gorge features lots of jumps, wonderful rappels as well as massive natural pools of clean water, all of which in a wild and unique environment. Aling Gorge is a sporty descent, a mix between exploration, adventure and fun trip. Canyoneers from around the world come to Bali just to experience this place. Escape the crowds and discover one of the most unique places in Bali. Practicable only a few months of the year (depending on water level). This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the active and bold!



We loved the experience -- our guides were excellent teachers and coaches and made us feel safe, as well as pumping us up with excitment and confidence. The gorge we went through was beautiful and unforgettable. We also really enjoyed the other couple on our trip. Thank you!

This was one of the best activities I ever did. Definitely, I will come to Bali especially for this. The guides were awesome and funny. It's true that you need to bring your spirit with you.

Guides were excellent and made you feel safe

We couldn't do Aling Gorges because of weather consideration so we did the Anahata instead. Anahata was still really fun and beautiful. The guides were professional, funny, and helpful. We enjoyed each waterfall and gorge. It is a wonderful, unique experience! However, I did not give five stars because it has been about 1 month since our canyoning and we have yet to receive our pictures. The pictures were supposed to be transferred onto our USB, but they were not found when we checked PC and Mac. Since we notified the company about the glitch, they were supposed to transfer the pics via dropbox, but we are still waiting after multiple inquiries.

It was so much fun. We were schedule for Aling Gorge, but due to the rain we went on Keren Kali instead. After hearing the differences between Aling Gorge and Keren Kali from our guides, it sounded like we would like Keren Kali the most and we did. We had such a great time and all of the guides and photographer added to our enjoyment of the experience. Every guide is very experienced and had amazing personalities that made us feel safe and keep us laughing the entire trip. I would definitely refer every single one of my friends to go on this adventure with Adventure & Spirit.

Amazing experience

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