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Entrance Ticket 10% OFF

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  • The innovative Bali Bird Park arrived on Bali eco-tourism scene more than 20 years ago.
  • Our current owners, who have a life-long passion for all things avian, are committed to the preserva
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Come to Bali Bird Park and join us for a close encounter of the feathered kind. Our lush 2-hectare tropical park is home to a colourful array of birds from hornbills to parakeets. See some of indonesia's rarest birds - the beautiful Bali starling and our exotic birds of paradise.

We continue to improve the experience for our birds as well as for our visitors.



Best part of our trip to Bali was visiting the bird park! The staff and management have put together an absolutely amazing experience and the park itself is world class! Amazing birds in very animal friendly enclosures and all animals seemed to be cared for incredibly well! Recommend to anyone travelling to Bali!! Friendly staff, great open displays and very clean!! 5 stars! :)

Lovely enchanting place!

Definitely worth visiting for anyone around the area. Very well looked after park and great chance to see some exotic birds.

One of the must-visit places in Bali. Great programs for adults and children, very enjoyable. Absolutely recommended!

It was great. It would take 3 hours easily to see shows and stop for cold drinks. We loved lory feeding!!

Absolutely amazing place... so many photo opportunities for the kids and great value for money. Compared to the safari park which cost nearly three times as much. Highly recommended if u can go there. Check out the reptile park next door too. Food was great in the cafe and don't forget to use your vouchers on your ticket. 5 stars!!!

Our third visit (with friends). Always amazing. Up close with stunning birds, beautiful gardens. A class act.

This place was amazing!

Very expensive tickets

Loved the bird of prey show.
Wished it were longer.
Was really hoping to see more owl species but only saw one bubo sumatranus in the bird show.
So that was disappointing not to see any local owls.

Excellent park; Beautiful birds, clean , spacious.
Extremely friendly staff , kind to Both customers and the birds. Nice restaurant, good food and .... good coffee.


Well worth a visit. A wonderful place that is well set up for visitors, but more importantly the birds that live there.

The best bird park I have ever visited. Very clean. Birds are very healthy and their enclosures provide adequate space for exercise. Food in the restaurant was excellent. The shows very interesting. Every staff member was polite and helpful. I highly recommend this place. If you love birds... Bali Bird Park is a must see.

Good experience and nice park but the entrance fee is really too expansive and also the restaurant

Very impressive park! Some birds are free and come near to you! There is a lot of bird as the park name indicates. Thank you for this experience with a lot of short shows

Wow what a fantastic park!!
Went here with great expectation and was not disappointed.
It all started with big parrots the were quite happy to sit on you shoulder or arm or hat and pose for a pic. A truly great experience. Staff were sensational and clearly loved their work; I reckon best job in the world
We saw lots of birds from all over the world with fair emphasis on Birds of Bali and Indonesia. Many beautiful birds, interesting birds and some fearsome and ugly birds ha ha.
We saw feeding and displays of some remarkable birds ie Birds of Prey, Rainforest Birds and Feeding the Parots was a highlight, the cheeky Parots quite happy to land anywhere on you if you held a piece of Apple which they loved.
Apparently if they poo on you it is lucky well me I did not get that lucky charm but my wife did
Allow 3 to 4 + hours as there is plenty to see and get involved in.
Again staff were happy and engaging
A must when in Bali

Fantastic park, great variety of birds. Loved the hands on feeding experiences they offer. Highly recommended.

The park was fantastic. There were so many birds and they were very accessible. The lori feeding was especially memorable with the whole family loving being covered in loris! Will definately return.

Once again we had a fabulous day at the Bird Park. It is the one spot in Bali we return to every visit. Staff are wonderful and Park is very clean.

Good visit et service by bali Bird park. My children are very happy after. Thank you for this moment.

Entrée très chère
Beaux oiseaux
Site bien entretenu
Personnel du parc très sympathique
Idéal pour passer une bonne matinée et voir quelques oiseaux rares.

не очень большой, насыщенный, контактный парк. Интересные шоу с попугаеми и кормлением, бесплатно дают покормить и бесплатное фото с попугаями. Парк полностью соответствует цене, если брать только билеты без трансфера и кафе, дети бесплатно. Через сайт еще и скидки.

Fantastic! Kids loved it, great collection of birds and perfect for smaller kids as it’s not a huge area to cover walking

Just fabulous. Not expensive. Service is, as wiith all things Bali, amazing. Must see

All the staff are very friendly, the place was awesome, organized, and very clean. The show was awesome!

Joli parc d’oiseaux du monde entier entouré de végétation tropicale
A voir même si le prix d’entrée est élevé pour Bali
A voir surtout si vous avez des enfants
Le prix des photos est également Européen

Had an absolutely great time being so close to birds that I've seen only in books when was a little kid. Absolutely worth the price, make sure you wont miss any of the bird shows!

Awesome attraction in Bali, a must for every tourist. We had a great time.

Beautiful clean grounds, amazing selection of birds and they look so happy and healthy. great lunch, staff were lovely and the live shows were fantastic.

Amazing park with great birds all over. A very pleasant experiece :-)

We loved being able to hold & interact with the parrots - so much better than just seeing them in a cage! Highlight of our trip in Bali!

Very beautiful park. My famili was happy

I have reviewed my visit on trip advisor tim2101taichi if you want to check it out - v positive

A really fantastic park. Interesting for all who enjoy seeing wildlife. Park was very quiet- people wise- even as we went on the weekend. It is laid out really well, so feels alot bigger than it is. Thoroughly enjoyed the visit, would definitely visit again.

Best day ever. Birds are happy and well cared for. Park is beautiful!

we had a great day! lovely people, beautiful birds outside of cages... supertrip with kids!

Amazing experience and very kindly staff.

It's nice

Bali Bird Park is amazing. Great variety of beautiful and interesting birds in well kept aviaries and very well cared for. We loved visiting. Thankyou

Very beautiful place. Many beautiful colors and experience in one day for the whole family. I suggest you visit this place and be in place for opening times. Easy booking via the internet. Thank you.

Best regards, Lukas Pavlu, Czech Republic

Nice park with lot of different Birdpark and rally good bird shows.

Easy booking online and redemption at the counter. Wonderful day at the bird park - kids enjoyed!

Was fun

BirdPark nice

Very well organized beautiful park; interesting shows; friendly, helpful and well informed staff. Would highly recommend to anyone of any age.

I thought the park was brilliant, money well spent. The birds were well cared for and the park was lush, all the shows kept you informed and captivated. I would recommend this to anyone.

Awesome, had a lovely day :) good to see the birds were happy and well looked after.

The animals are treated well and do not seem to be overworked to attract tourists. This five star is given for not (at least from what I've seen) submitting to animal cruelty for commercial gains

A throughly brilliant day out. Loved every minute.

Un magnifique endroit où la liberté fait loi.Un personnel compétent & souriant.les oiseaux sont içi bien heureux selon moi!

The park was amazing ! We had a lot of fun. Seeing all these birds was pretty incredible and I recommand it to anyone who's in the area. Even if the tickets are a bit pricy, it really worth it!

Beautiful park. Well maintained. loved the childrens area in the café this was very much appreciated. Facilities well kept. The negatives to this park was the entrance fee it was way too high considering the size of the park. and the 4D cinema was below average- a few bubbles and light flashes were suppose to make this 4D. The content of the show was terrible and the plastic glasses made it nearly impossible to watch without any clarity.

Awesome experience!
Great staff, wonderful birds, great shows!

Es war ein mega Erlebnis. Es war eins unserer Highlights aus bali.. Der Park wird super gepflegt und die vögel haben genug Platz. Es hat soviel Spaß gemacht die vögel zu beobachten und zu fotografieren.. Vielen dank für diesen wunderschönen tag

It was great :)

it was interesting and amazing for my children. but park reptiles is deserted a little

We had the best time here and my husband was able to feed the Salt Water Crocodile a live chicken.

I really love spending time at the bird park, and getting close with them. My concern is the reptil park. I think the management can do something about it and make it more clean and attractive. Cheers

Absolutely fabulous. We loved it so much. Would recommend to everyone.

BBP was an extraordinary place in Bali. I enjoied time in there.


There's plenty to like about the Bali Bird Park; the raptor demonstration team are fantastic, the staff at the cafes are great, the walk-through habitats are impressive. However, you need to do something about the philosophy inherent in the infomation plaques about the park. This is the 21st century; it's not cool to be proud of having a particular species as "part of your collection". Enlightened organisations are using rare species to encourage reintroduction programs and exhibit an environmental value to their existence.

Use the park to protect, maintain and encourage the survival of protected/endangered species and I'll be far more inclined to spend money at your cafes and gift shops. Show me that you're using your facilities to breed and reintroduce species that have been decimated by human habitation and I'll help you further the cause.

Very good service!

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