Night Safari

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  • Experience a night time journey into the African savannah at the Bali Safari & Marine Park

Your nocturnal adventure begins with a guided walk around the park. On Komodo Island, see bats swooping in the shadows, Brazilian snake-necked turtles swimming in a shallow stream, and massive Komodo Dragons lumbering across the ground. Pass by a towering statue of Ganesha as owls, iguanas, and lemurs peer out of the brush and white tigers prowl around a replica of an ancient fortress.

Next, head to the Mara River Safari Lodge and board your specially constructed cage tram. Set off into the wilderness of the African savannah as you get up close to fascinating creatures from around the world. Hand-feed gentle herbivores like zebras, elephants, and giraffes, and watch majestic lions and tigers roam in the gentle glow of the moonlight.

Head to the lobby, where you can encounter exotic animals like brightly colored macaws, slow-moving snakes, and whiskered binturongs. Snap a souvenir photo or 2 with these jungle critters, and then take a seat for the Afrika! Rhythm of Fire show, an exciting performance combining puppets, drumming, and breathtaking fire-dancing. Finally, fill your plate at the barbecue buffet in the N’kuchiro Bar & Grill, enjoying fresh cuisine as you take in views over the African landscape.

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