Silver-Making Class at Bali Artika Silver

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  • Traditional Balinese Mastery
  • Craft Your Silver Masterpiece
  • Cultural Fusion

Create your own Jewelry with Bali Artika Silver Class - This unique experience allows you to enjoy a fun, creative hobby combined with Bali's oldest crafting techniques. Spend a half-day with Artika Silver Class who will introduce you to this special realm of art. they will teach you how to craft your idea into a wearable art piece. Learn all about what silver jewelry making entails and how it developed over time in Bali. Using 10 grams of silver, create your very own pair of earrings, ring, or pendant.

Highlight of Bali Artika Silver Class
- Traditional Balinese Mastery: Dive into Balinese silver craftsmanship, offering hands-on experiences in time-honored techniques.
- Craft Your Silver Masterpiece: Learn the art of jewelry making in this class, covering design, shaping, and polishing, allowing you to create unique silver pieces inspired by Balinese culture.
- Cultural Fusion: Beyond technique, the class explores the cultural significance of Balinese silver art, connecting your craft to the rich heritage of the island.

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