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  • Diving In Padangbai

Only a few minutes from Padang Bai beach by taking a traditional fishing boat we will take you to the best spot where are various kinds of hard and soft corals, various types of gorgonians, healthy staghorn corals, large coral boomies and table corals at the Tanjung Sari and Blue dive sites. lagoon.
Hundreds of species, both large and small, can be observed at certain dive sites.
Oriental sweet lips, moray eels, many species of clown fish and anemone fish, napoleon wrasses, jack fish, king mackerel, crocodile, lion fish, octopus, pharaoh cuttlefish, and green turtle.
Most likely to see sharks (whitetip, blacktip reef, nurse and wobbegong) at several dive sites (Tanjung Sari/Shark Point, Ferry Channel).
Macro creatures: frogfish, frills, mighty pipefish and ghosts, leaf scorpionfish, pygmy seahorses, nudibranches and flagelinas, squatting siagiani lobsters, orang-utang crabs, zebra crabs and other rare crustaceans.

Night dives at the Blue Lagoon or Tanjung Jepun also feature many rare fish and crustacean species that hide during the day. Spanish dancers and juvenile leopard sharks are not uncommon.

Mild to moderate (strong at new moon). Usually good conditions for beginners.
25m+ (best June-October).
The best time to dive is in the morning, 08.30, the sea can get rough in the afternoon.
Night dives, lots of weird crabs, prawns and lobsters and most nights at the Blue Lagoon we have Spanish dancers.

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