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Book fastboat to Bali and Lombok by online ticket
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Snorkeling trip by Glass Bottom Boat Lombok and Gili Island

Snorkeling trip by Glass Bottom Boat Lombok and Gili Island
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Lombok Daily Tour, Lombok City Tour and Lombok Waterfall Tour
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Speedboat to Gili and Lombok
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Pink Beach is the beach of Lombok which located at the eastern end of Lombok absolutely in the Village Sekaroh District of Jerowaru East Lombok, this location is often used as a place for fishing, the location is in the Far East are already very familiar place for local people of Lombok, because Gawah Sekaroh has become a designation that meant as far east location.

Pink Beach East Lombok
If you want to witness the beauty of the pink beaches is a good idea to make a visit in the morning time, in order to get the sand that radiate pink and smoothly view, radiating beautiful from a distance, the location of which is regarded as a new tourist attractions make the explorer trail adventurers want to feel the beauty of nature that is untouched by pink captivating charm adventures.



We will pick up in your hotel stay right after you breakfast, it is certainly we arrange for all daily activities can be implemented properly so that what we planned to be part of fundamental importance to our clients:
before we do travel trip helps your self to provide some supplies before the trip begins

Towels are needed to dry off your body when you do snorkeling
Other clothes need to be brought because you will need it when home or to the next trip, we do not recommend using your wet clothes when traveling for health reasons and comfortable trip factor
Bring a little money for food during the trip.

For pick-up at the Airport we really appreciated to book lombok flights schedule arriving at around 9 or 10 in the morning, the time is the best moments are not missed simply, if you are somewhat competitive flight we were advised to do after another day or days hereinafter.

Overland trip will spend approximately 2.5 hours to travel past the Highway toward East Lombok and came together on the pink beach, in the beach view you can find the best moment approach, bring a camera to catch the best moment and the best memorable experience.


Shortly after arriving at the Pink Beach, we will see the general view around pink beach and watch the beauty of the pink beaches to charm its beaches, you will be presented with the natural scenery and beautiful. Once you feel satisfied to see the beauty of the beach clear with crystal-clear water, then it was time we will be visiting Gili Maringkik, Gili this one is idolized by fishermen, anglers and hunters of fish, this is due to the diversity of fish that are underneath that will be a list of our visit.

We will do the snorkeling in front of the beach maringkik once visited the island, a variety of marine fish and some types of marine ecosystems can be found such as coral and seaweed whose are so fast growing and developing, This location will be the main snorkel spot to watch thousands of marine fish and shellfish populations.


Gili Pasir was dominated by sand alone, no trees or rocks put it down a lone make it clean and beautiful, as long as you are in this dyke, you are presented with a natural panorama loose, as if you were in your own land and uninhabited.

Gili Pasir East Lombok
This Gili Pasir area you will find so many starfish that lined the shoreline you can see, ecosystems and habitats starfish was awake at this place without any interference and meddling of delinquency human hands, starfish are part of marine ecosystems into part of the underwater ecosystem itself.
Gili Pasir has around 10 Meters square which you can find when low tides, high tides will effect to quantity of water will close the top of Gilis.


Visit to the dike that this one was different, to form a hole in the beach cause worthy competitor Pantai Batu Bolong Senggigi, by having the same fonomena and stunning nature, there are some other places that we visit as the place of cultivation lobster and Kampung Bugis.

Tourist attractions will make your journey guaranteed to satisfy, because visiting different places in one full day, different places and the atmosphere produce a memorable experience for your family


After all the time we would have ended the trip back to the hotel in the evening time, our journey had reached the end of the desired destinations, see you on the next trip The package includes:


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