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Book fastboat to Bali and Lombok by online ticket
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Snorkeling trip by Glass Bottom Boat Lombok and Gili Island

Snorkeling trip by Glass Bottom Boat Lombok and Gili Island
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Lombok Daily Tour, Lombok City Tour and Lombok Waterfall Tour

Lombok Daily Tour, Lombok City Tour and Lombok Waterfall Tour
Lombok Tour

Speedboat to Gili and Lombok

Speedboat to Gili and Lombok
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South Lombok Tour

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  • Kuta Beach Lombok
  • Selung Belanak Beach
  • Mawun Beach Lombok

The southern coast does have a legend that is sufficiently memorial for the island of Lombok, the legend of Princess nyale is the legend of the history of the most pleasing to the Gumi Sasak, this legend has been named as a celebration of the regional which is always celebrated each entered the month of March or the rainy season, the legend that is inherent The head of the Central Lombok residents can now be enjoyed in a festival Bau Nyale.
The southern coast is a favorite tourist attraction because many coastal attractions that can be visited, are in a line of travel cause it takes a very short time on the way, some sites that had fairly promising beauty and excellent natural beauty. The following sort order our journey towards the South Coast Tour:


We will do a pick-up in your hotel around 9am after you are finished with your morning breakfast dishes, the trip will start shortly after you finish, provides all the equipment you need, make sure you bring some equipment as follows:

Beach towels desperately need when you visit and try to swim by beach
Meal allowance is you need, the way we will pass the coast with an average air temperature of 27 degrees will make hunger and thirst will quickly feel is why we will bring to the restaurant that has been famous for its cuisine but economical

Cameras, is you need to capture every moment of your best with your family.

After the pick-up is done, we will move toward a place where we beach Kuta Lombok is located.


Hearing his name a lot of tourists think this is Bali's Kuta Beach but it is not, the place and the atmosphere will be very different, Kuta Beach is very crowded with tourists and is surrounded by a wide variety of homestay on the edge of the road, but Kuta Lombok is vastly different, the atmosphere beach calm and filled with a rustic feel.

Kuta Beach Lombok

Kuta Beach Lombok has been in great demand by investors since the first, proved to have been built Novotel Lombok which has stood for more than ten years, the atmosphere and the form of grain shoreline of Lombok caused identical different from the other shore across Lombok Beach, here you will find inscriptions that indicate historical phenomenon Nyale daughter who immersed himself into Seger Kuta Beach for feeling confused in choosing a life partner (Legend of princess Nyale)

This beach is the pioneer beach or the first beach became icons of southern Lombok in promoting tourism until now, it has been a phenomenal beaches in West Nusa Tenggara.
Shortly after the Kuta beach enjoying the beautiful beach Lombok, now is the time to proceed to Selung Belanak Beach.

3. Visit Selung Belanak Beach

Selung Belanak beach is a beautiful beach oval under the hills with calm water conditions and clear, shallow waters allows you to swim with the family without having to worry about the ebb tide and sea water.

Pantai Selung Belanak
Sparkling beauty of this beach will look so beautiful when you are in the hills heading toward the coast, beautiful beaches hit by sunlight and radiating beautifully into the lap of the tourists, sometimes we found many tourists feel amazed at the beauty, the reason why we recommend you bring a camera to see the most beautiful moments with your family in this Selung Belanak beach.

Moving a while of the hills towards the Lower Coastal beaches and buffalo cow farmers are Mawun beach.

4. Mawun Beach

The beach of the breeder, that's the nickname of this beach, the beach is located in the southern coastal region is inhabited by cattle ranchers and buffalo that live in the wild but well preserved, at dusk you'll find a bunch of buffalo back through the coastal wonderful to return to cage has been provided.
New atmosphere has available and that long has been changed, now towering coastal area attractions has become a very beautiful and charming and extremely suitable for your longer honeymoon, the beaches which have been and away from the bustle of everyday life,

Mawun Beach Lombok
This beach has tidal currents ramps for unbroken by walls beach so the current is only the remainder the rest of waves of the sea, the beach is fairly clean and the virgin, the absence of the inn was built up in 2015 makes it still became public beaches that can be visited by anyone. move to the next beach

Tanjung Ann or Tanjung Aan Beach is already very popular among visitors to the regional that Lombok people has often visit these places, mostly residents of capsicum call PANTAIAN without mentioning the word doble AA, the beach is presenting a tourist place suitable for tourists who want to bathe beach and linger there.


Bukit merese is a hill at an altitude of approximately 50 meters above sea level that is synonymous with a view of the blue sea water, a rare the situation you'll find in the hill, the charm of the sunset combined with a reddish glow will give you the best moments as a cover visits you.

Bukit Merese Lombok
We recommend going to bring a tripod to get his best moment of sunset on the altitude, every detail shift sunset will be formed along the beautiful sea of ​​the south coast, after a moment of sunset ended, it was time for us to go back to hotel accommodation.


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