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  • small local families and friends business share in Lembongan (grow local economies)
  • Fun, safe, quality equipments
  • Highly local knowledges experiences crew

LEMBONGAN 3 Days BEGINNER SURF LESSON is all about to make your surf skills more consistence and confidence, The aim of the first course is to learn the basic of surfing, safety esentials, surf awarenes, training in water, catch waves, ride the waves, and turning the boards. The second day is make more consinstence for learn the position of catch waves by your own at the right sections of the waves( but we will guide you to the waves) of the local knowledge surf breaks and learn timing of standing up, and The lastday is learn priority rules to catch the waves properly, timing standing up quicker, ride the waves and make more consistence acelerate the board, and properly turning board left and right Please note; the more quick you learn the more quick we give improvements, tips and advise and mostly after complete this multiple lesson you will be able to surf by your own every where in the world!


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New Bro Surfing
Banjar Kangin Jungut Batu, Jungutbatu, Klungkung, Bali, Indonesia
Telephone : +62 82236258403

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