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Hot Lymphatic Therapy

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  • 2 hours and 30 minutes body treatment

This lymphatic healing technique begins with a deep tissue therapy massage followed by a hot herbal cloth that is applied along the spine. A lymphatic scrub is then rubbed all over the body to activate the glend and promote blood circulation until a sensation of ‘pins and needles’ along with slight heat is felt. Wrap up your session with hair treatment or rejuvenate facial.
Treatment Condition:
This treatment may have side effects, which can vary depending on each individual based on the condition of your lymphatic system. Kindly re-schedule Hot Lymphatic Therapy for another time if you are experiencing inflammation, fever, hearth disease, skin infections, allergies, high blood pressure or suffering from a severe cold.

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The best treatment at the best place in Bali. Paradise on earth. I recommend Bodyworks to everyone who is coming to Ubud.

I love this therapy.
Good environment, good herb bath, the massage oil smells nice, and the technique of massage was the best.
I absolutely come back for their therapy.

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