Bali Scuba Diving – Introductory For Beginner At Tanjung Benoa

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  • One of the most popular Bali activities is scuba diving activities in the depths of the sea.

Diving Locations In Bali For Beginners
Is it all the famous dive site in Bali as mentioned on the above list suitable for beginner diver? Not all dive sites on the island of Bali are ideal for beginners, and most dive sites in Bali will require diving certification for participants.

There are several diving spots on the island of Bali that are suitable for beginners who do not have diving certification but want to try scuba dive activities. The best dive site for scuba diving in Bali for beginners such as Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua, and Sanur beach Bali. The main criteria for best dive sites in Bali for beginners such; as less strong underwater currents and ocean depths not exceeding 6 meters.

While for an intermediate scuba diver, will choose an Amed beach for scuba dive. For those who have plenty of experience in scuba diving, will want a Tulamben beach as their scuba dive spots.

Particular on this page, I will write information about Bali scuba diving activities taking place at Tanjung Benoa beach. However, if the Tanjung Benoa beaches Nusa Dua, not a diving spot in Bali of your choice. Please click the link below, to see the other selection of diving locations for beginners in Bali.


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