Turtle Island Bali Tanjung Benoa Tour With Glass Bottom Boat

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  • The green turtle is one of the rare animals that protected by the Indonesian government.

Glass Bottom Boat Tour To Turtle Island Bali
As a result, families who bring small children, very suitable have a turtle island tour in Tanjung Benoa. While you have a turtle island tour, you will be taken to the sea as far as 300 – 500 meters offshore with a glass bottom boat.

While on a glass bottom boat, you will be accompanied by the boat driver. From the glass bottom boat, you can enjoy the beautiful underwater scenery without having to join the scuba dive. Coral reefs, a variety of ornamental fish, marine plants and other marine animals. Do not forget to bring bread so that the kids can feed the fish while on the boat. This trip lasts about 15 minutes.

After seeing and feeding the fish, the tour will proceed to turtle island conservation, who took the time to 15 minutes. After arriving on the turtle island of Tanjung Benoa, the guide will be happy to invite you to see the green turtles.

Children will be introduced on how to take care of a turtle. From the newly hatched turtle eggs and turtles are hundreds of years old. Do not forget to perpetuate this activity to take pictures with the turtle. On the turtle island, you also can see other animals. Such as monkeys, snakes, hawks, parrot, and bats.

Most of all, children certainly pleased with this activity. It will give them knowledge about the aquatic environment and animals, which endangered of their existence. So, how much does it cost to have a turtle island tour, Bali? You can see below! The price of visiting turtle beach Bali with a glass bottom boat.


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