Bali Flying Fish At Tanjung Benoa

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  • One of the Tanjung Benoa water activities in Bali is Bali flying fish water ride. Bali flying fish i

Flying Fish Boat
The boat that resembles a fish this is a merger of three banana boats. On the front transverse link rubber connecting each banana boat. The wing on the right and left so that its shape resembles a fish fin, the capacity of this boat a maximum of 3 persons. Consisting of one person as your guides that stand in the middle and two passengers on the left and right. This capacity is set to maintain balance while flying in the sky.

Participants Position
There are several options for the passenger position when trying flying fish water activity in Bali. Such as sitting on horseback or riding a motorbike and sleeping supine. Fly fish passengers will hold on a rope across the middle of the fly fish boat.

How to Fly
Then a speedboat will pull the fly fish boat, with a high-speed downwind and the speedboat will escort you from the Tanjung Benoa beach toward the ocean. The flying fish boat will sail with a height of fewer than 2 meters from the seawater. Flying altitude usually depends on wind speed. However, the safest is flying elevation 2-3 meters above sea level. During the flight, the fly fish boat seems like a kite flying in the air.

Instructions, Duration of Bali Flying Fish Tanjung Benoa
The guides are well trained and experienced will be happy to give directions to travelers who want to try this game. For example the introduction of all equipment’s used, the exact position on the boat, and the procedure from beginning to end. All the hardware that meets international standards, because the safety and comfort are the top priority, supports this game.

For one round off, flying fish water activity is 2 X fly. It is suitable for a family or with friends when on holiday to Bali. The burden of mind after a day busy with office work, will fresh again if you try flying fish in Bali.

Bali Flying Fish Price
Want to try water sports activities that produce adrenaline? It would help if you tried Bali Flying Fish water ride as best things to do in Bali; we provide low internet prices and insurance. Just order through us, then you will get a low price. If you directly come to the place where the fly fish water rides held, then you will get publish prices that much more expensive.


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