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A holistic healing touch…
A Balinese compound healing centre inspired by Balinese way of life.
Mahatma therapist Master Ketut Arsana plan a seed in this place since 1987 to allow people to get the real body work experience.
He created special healing and massage techniques aimed at enhancing and promoting health and wellbeing.
Our treatment room are thoughtfully designed for ultimate relaxation while you immerse in the expert hands of our well-trained therapist.
Master Arsana has over 25 years of practice in Yoga, healing and spiritual experience in Buddha Kecapi therapy.
He has an extensive knowledge regarding the nature of the body, and applies unique healing treatments to the need of the individual.
The technique as a combination of Ayurveda and Bali Usadha Treatments.
Each treatment is focused on balancing, revitalizing and rejuvenating the lymphatic system; allowing the body to feel lighter, and brighter, and clear the mind.
It will also enhance our immune system.
Throughout the menu, you will encounter the term “lymphatic”.
The lymphatic system is very complex comprising of the lymphoid organs, nodes, ducts, capillaries, and vessels which function as the circulatory system of lymph fluid.
The three main functions of the immune system are:
• To remove excess fluid from bodily tissues
• To absorb fatty acids
• To subsequently transport fat to the circulatory system that produces immune cells such as lymphocytes and monocytes.

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Ubud Bodyworks Centre
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